Two years on…



Now I know…

It has been just over two years since I became a Vice-Principal.

My career before that had included teaching and learning in every primary age group and holding a number of middle leadership positions.

During these past two years I have learned so much about myself and leadership as well as others.

This post, 4 Attributes of a Great Assistant Principal, by George Couros (Thank you George), gave me the opportunity to reflect on who and where I am as a leader.

I am a self starter, but I have had to learn to do this.  Over my career I have worked with nine different principals.  I have learned from all of these. My learning has not always been positive but it has been there.  It is over the last five years or so that I have learned that ‘nothing is impossible’.  The possible and impossible is planned, evaluated and reflected on but it is sometimes started without a ‘whole’ plan in place. It is a joy to see what can happen. An example of this is the learning walkthroughs that happened last year, that had their seed in conversations I had with year leaders that have now lead to us having a phonics continuum. Our learning and teaching in phonics has tightened up in this area due to this continuum and data is showing improvement.

Another attribute, that was definitely there (isn’t it there for all of us?), that has grown over these two years is that I am more confident, excited and enthusiastic when challenging authority.  I remember my pride a few years back when I was awarded the ‘most likely to speak their mind’ award as a year leader in my previous school.  As a leader it is now my role to create and promote the space within our school for this to happen both ways.

I also try my very best to accept what is said and take responsibility of any mistakes I make.  A couple of weeks ago I was in a classroom when an incident occurred, I hadn’t seen it, the teacher thought I had, we had a discussion that exacerbated the misunderstanding and then I heard from my principal that my colleague had been disappointed that I hadn’t supported her. I went to talk to her straight away, apologised for the misunderstanding, which is what it was and through our reflection we moved on.

We are all learning.

Let’s make sure it keeps happening.


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