Scratch (ing) the surface and digital leaders



Now I know…

For the last three weeks I have been running an after school scratch club.  Scratch is great. For me, and the children I am learning with, Scratch is lego on a screen.

When we met for the first time only Jason had ever used scratch before.  Three weeks down the line the children are developing ideas I could never had thought of.  They continue to amaze me with their creativity, passion and innovative thinking as well as the speed of their learning.

Having heard about scratch a couple of years ago it has taken me a long time to introduce it to school but I am so glad I have.  There are 19 members of the club which is a mixture of Years Four to Six as well as boys and girls.

I was lucky enough to have been pointed towards Learn Scratch which has been an invaluable resource.  We have plowed through the lessons at a speed comfortable for all and managed in three session to complete Scratch 1.

After reading this wonderful blog post by Daniel Edwards I reflected upon the Digital Leaders we have in school and the space we are giving the children to share, connect and learn through teaching.  I asked the children in the club if they would be willing to teach others and there was a resounding ‘Yes!’. So next Wednesday here we go.

The learners become teachers.

We will then explore these children taking on other responsibilities such as becoming ‘Digital Leaders’.


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