Bullet reflections on #21clhk

Now I know…

It was amazing to be at the 21cl conference at Renaissance College in Hong Kong at the weekend. It was wonderful to connect with old and new and online faces and friends.

I believe it is important to be inspired and to inspire and the first definitely happened for me.

The day after I noted down my first reflections, recollections and thoughts.

So here they are.

  • We are in quite a good place at my school at the moment and we need too find more ways to celebrate and share what we are doing. One of the things we are lacking is connections and sharing. I think we could do a lot better at that.
  • “Engagement, motivation and value, we need to make sure all children have these.”
  • “We create the DnA for learning in the classroom that is important for learning outside the classroom.”
  • Tpack  http://t.co/kQEXiwoj and SAMR model, we need to be working on these in school and using them to promote learning
  • Teachers need to be connecting more with social media for a number of reasons and help is there if you need it. Here is a great resource http://t.co/o9NKT114
  • “Who’s leading the change in your school, if it isn’t you why not?” http://t.co/HGJg5VAL
  • “Innovation is inspired by science, new products, practitioners and the community .”
  • As we asking these questions? http://t.co/jL2aJx3x
  • Infuse learning as a student response system http://t.co/3cbGFhaW
  • iBooks Author could have some great uses for us as a promotional and a training tool.
  • The noun project, great for symbols http://t.co/XUex3hEy
  • Phoster app for front covers for ibooks http://t.co/SH9Pt6MJ
  • Do we try and do too much? I think we need a definite strategy and then do it…are we looking back at our vision, have we shared our vision? What are we waiting for? The only way it will happen is if we start!
  • Eportfolios…tricky if you are not doing one to one…what about if they are used as a workspace, storage and showcase…where are the teacher pert folios?
  • Timetabled reflection for the whole school. How can we make this happen when we are always saying we need more time and  do we need to mandate it? Would it look different for different age groups?
  • The four b’s…Ask your brain, a buddy and a book before you ask the boss…to build up independence in learning
  • How do we keep things going? Visible thinking? How can we keep pushing this when other things pop up? What is our system for this?
  • Where is our lifelong kindergarten? Where is our playing? How can we weave this into what we are doing in school?
  • Makey makey looks very cool! http://t.co/WpfmI1ND
  • Keep looking for the perplexity in things Dan Meyer http://t.co/OsYMA1YX
  • Capture perplexity in every day life using cameras and phones, what makes you wonder, a digital school community based wonder wall
  • List of tools used , promoted by Dan Meyer http://t.co/n4bhie4E
  • “We need a strong edtech mission statement to filter the best outs of seemingly infinite tool.”
  • Resources from iPad sessions http://t.co/kefvKTN2 John burns
  • Minecraft session using it in pyp units of inquiry…I think we could do this very well http://t.co/jq45DUgI
  • Redstone minecraft servers free for teachers – maybe good for Mums and Dads…ssshhh
  • Titan pad http://titanpad.com/
  • RT @jdungan: @DDMeyers keynote is a like call back to kindergarten for adults. Explore, fail, learn, succeed, explore more, capture, share

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